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Student Requirements


1. Unlimited Access to On- Demand Webinars

2. 1 Hour Weekly Live Webinar (Tuesdays & Thursday)

3. Access to our Facebook Group & Chat Room

4.Execlusive Ebook's, Pdf's, 

5. Assessments & Test 

Upon completion,  graduates will receive:

- Masters of Theology & Deliverance

- Ordination Certificate (whether ordained already or not)

- Certificate of Seminary School Completion

- Private Trust (Each student will receive FREE Private Trust Setup and consultation.)

1. Reliable Internet Connection

2. Computer/ Tablet 

What Will I learn?

1. The TRUTH About Reality

2. How To Exit The Public Sector

3. How To Set Up A Private Trust

4. The Private Administrative Process

5. Dealing With Courts In The Private

6. Spiritual Advancement & Metaphysics

Course Outline Description

Level 1:

-The Game

-God and The First Trust- Creation

-Where am I? Who Am I?


Level 2: How to Play

- Game Guide

-Who’s Who

- Starting Point


Level 3- Choosing Sides

At this level students have reached the light level and have chosen to work for and with the side of good. We will cover the differences between the two sides as it pertains to our lives today in modern society.



This where we discuss the 'US THEM' chart.

- choosing character

- tools & resources


Level 4- From Public to Private


Stage 2: The Good Guys

Level 5- The Human Potential


-Overcoming fear

-ESP(Extrasensory perception)

- Science

- Magic


Level 6: Reality- What's really going on here.


Level 7: Our Ancestors

-Our founding fathers

Thoth the Atlantean

Jesus Christ


St. Cyprian

The Van Helsing Family

Martin Luther


Level 8: King James

The 1611 & King James UNCOVERED

The origins of the 1611 King James Bible and King James.


-The 1611 Intro


Stage 3: Project Paper Planes

Level 9: The 1611

-The Book of Enoch

-The laws of the Bible

Level 10: Equity & Trust



-Maxiums of Law

-Administrative process


Level 11: The Pactum Salutis

-The Unum Sanctum

-The Birth Certificate & the Baptismal Certificate


Level 12: The United States Trust

-The US title 42-666, the Mark of the Beast


Level 13: We Are Under Attack

- Pharmakeia

-The Person

- Toxoplasma Gondii

- The dumbing down of Man

Stage 4: The evolution


Level 14: The Earn your Wings Manual

-Name Change

-Status Change



Level 15: Private Trust Lessons


Level 16: Private Trust Continued


Level 17: Being in the public, but not of the Public

Stage 5: Check mate


Level 18: General Review

Final Exam



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