Who We Are & What We Do

The Temple of Light & Life is the Headquarters of a several institutions and Branch Consulate Churches representing Our Father/ Creator in Heaven,  and his Kingdom. Our mission is to spread the knowledge and culture of the kingdom of Heaven as Ministers/ Ambassadors to alll nations and peoples on the planet (Authorized 1611 KJVB; 2 Cor. 5:20, Eph. 6:20).


Deliverance Ministry is the main operational function of the Temple of Light & Life. Providing local and international aid to those in need of healing, deliverance, prayer, education and basic needs is our top priority.


We  carry out the mission of deliverance and any other ministerial duties that may be required of us. The Temple of Light & Life promotes peace and justice in favor of all peoples, both through the various specific and local free Churches spread throughout the world, as well as through the authority of our Creator and Father in Heaven. Our governing body consists of our Bishop Michael M. VanHelsing, ordained ministers and a group of elders which serve as as our High Council.


The Authorized 1611 King James Bible is our evidence of Law and Jurisdiction. The Temple of Light & Life is independent from ANY earthly powers or jurisdictions ((James 4:4, John 2:15-17) .


We also  maintain relations with nations, micro-nations, other non-incorporated churches as well as with the various monastic orders on international and local levels.





The Temple of Light & Life started out as a dream. A vision from God that set our founder Michael Machette VanHelsing out on a journey that has become a worldwide movement. In noticing that most churches are incorporated, there was an apparent need and demand for someone to step up and create a REAL CHURCH. One that has God as it's creator NOT the State, one under God's jurisdiction ONLY. We are well aware that God's children have almost nowhere to turn. That is why we created the Temple of Light & Life. Our main goal is to free as many men, women and children from worldly burdens as we possibly can. Our mission is to spread Truth, Love , Light and Life. We have a number of programs, projects and events in place that enable us to make a big difference in the lives of individuals, families and the Earth as a whole! What started out as one man and his dream is now THOUSANDS with a mission! We have been serving God since 2008 and will continue throughout ages to come. Become an ordained clergyman/ woman or join our congregation . Let's work together as FREE men, women and children to teach, heal, help people and cast out wickedness and all evil from our midst.

Bishop Michael M. VanHelsing

Our Bishop and spiritual leader Michael VanHelsing has an extensive background in the ministerial field. What started out as a solo paranormal investigations mission turned into 200+ ministers that are now free from the system and have the ability plus credentials to make real changes in the world. 

" I had a dream that felt like I was receiving direct orders from God. I was commanded to take care of children, start a church and to remove negative energies and entities. Although it seemed impossible to do, I agreed to do as I was told. Also, I always wondered... If the Vatican is the Devil's house then where is the church on Earth that represented God and the Kingdom of Heaven? I couldn't find one, so I decided to CREATE IT!" ~ Michael Machette VanHelsing

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Interesting Facts



1) ANY church that is incorporated by the state is a BUSINESS that is in business to LOOK LIKE a church and bears the MARK OF THE BEAST-

   501(c)3 = 5+0+1=6 x 3 = 666 !


2) Let's clear up the Romans 13 controversy RIGHT NOW!



The 'Powers'.....the 'Rulers' in Romans 13 are THE MINISTERS! (Romans 13:4) So the next time somebody tries that "Romans 13/obey the gov't" stuff remember that Romans 13 ISN'T TALKING ABOUT GOVERNMENT! ...


Romans 13 1Let euery soule bee subiect vnto the higher powers: For there is no power but of God. The powers that be, are ordeined of God.1 2 Whosoeuer therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist, shall receiue to themselues damnation. 3 For rulers are not a terrour to good works, but to the euill. Wilt thou then not bee afraide of the power? doe that which is good, and thou shalt haue praise of the same. 4 For hee is the minister of God to thee for good: but if thou do that which is euill, be afraid: for he beareth not the sword in vaine: for he is the minister of God, a reuenger to execute wrath vpon him that doeth euil

l. 5 Wherfore ye must needs be subiect, not onely for wrath, but also for conscience sake.



         Temple of Light & Life Treasury

Welcome to the Treasure In Heaven Trust.

We have created the " Treasure In Heaven Trust " as our solution to the problem of dependence on a corrupt system. A NEW system based on ancient principles had to be implemented in order to provide our ministers, congregation and associates with a place to go after freeing themselves from debt/sin and slavery.

You can now become part of a new Community Exchange system that consists of our own currency, bank and marketplace!

We named our new community currency "White Stones" and they can be exchanged for hours of labor, products, goods and/or services. For more info

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Our Holy Order of Knights


The OrgoKnights Guild is our Holy order of Knights. They will defend the Temple, the Trust, mankind and the planet. They are all ordained and/ or baptized clergymen and women. 


The basis of the OrgoKnight status is the mastery of orgone energy through the use of orgonite technology. Healing, meditation, study, self defense and ministry are only a few of  an OrgoKnight's duties.





Services are held in the main House:

(There are ALWAYS at least two in attendance.)

Saturday Morning services are at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

Tuesday night service is 7:00 PM.

Any additional services will be announced on our notice board.

New ebooks and Information Packages To Assist You On Your Journey!

NOTE: I, Machette Michael VanHelsing will say this in PLAIN ENGLISH, NOT LEGALESE! The Temple of Light & Life was not created with the intent of helping criminals or the criminal minded get into or out of trouble. We are NOT responsible nor liable for the independent actions of those we Baptize and/or ordain. HOWEVER, we are in the process of creating an internal ecclesiastical court to deal with those ordained and baptized through our organization and we have an ecclesiastical network of Bishops, Priests and others that will assist us in enforcing Ecclesiastical Law. There is also the eminent and sure punishment that must be decided by the Creator himself.