Welcome to the "Nation of VIVUS" Project. We have all the components of a self-sustaining Community in place. With support, we will acquire land and begin construction. It is about time that God's children unite to form a community representative of Light, Life and the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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                                           Vivus - (Latin), Alive, Living

The Nation of VIVUS is a community of men, women and children that believe the world can be made into a better place if we work together. All of the above components of our community projects are currently being implemented. Making a REAL difference and implementing change is all about DOING. We are seeking donations to purchase land and to begin construction of 'Earthship' structures. There has never been a better time for such a project! We have put an entire system in place which is in full operation, all we need is a physical location as a self - sustaining community and place of true worship. It is time that we establish a place of gathering for God's children. The goal is simple.


Nationhood means a condition where a group of persons achieve a common identity as a people and the will to be identified as such.

The definition of sovereignty, according to Webster’s dictionary, is “Supreme power especially an over body politic,” meaning that micro-nations can exert sovereignty if they can create their own laws and enforce them. This shows that micro-nations are sovereign states because they can be free from external influence through having their own government that creates policies and laws. Evidence shows that they are recognized as Nations by the international community because of current laws and treaties signed by major world powers. Since many micro-nations meet all the criteria necessary to become a state according to the international community, they should be given the sovereignty they deserve. All legal documents say that they are equal to current states, so they are given the rights they are entitled to have.

Community means a society of like-minded individuals, which in some respects does not possess the attributes of a nation as defined above, thus a Nation is comprised of various communities.

Free Church a church that is truly separate, independent and autonomous from the State. A free church does not define government policy, and a free church does not accept church theology or policy definitions from the government. A free church also does not seek or receive government endorsements or funding to carry out its work. The term is especially relevant in countries with established state churches.

Local Currency a currency that can be spent in a particular area and/or among participating organizations. Usually it will act as a complementary currency, that is to be used in addition to a national currency, rather than replace it. The purpose is to encourage spending within the local community, especially with locally owned businesses. This may also help reduce environmental footprints.

The currency may not be backed by a national government or be legal tender. As a tool of fiscal localism, local currency can raise awareness about the state of the local economy. They are useful for people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with traditional bartering.

Common Law Trust is not bound by laws controlling the actions of corporations. Common law trusts are not bound by "public policy" decisions of the legislature that are masquerading as "law". Common law trusts need not open their books to anyone unless ordered to do so by a true judicial warrant issued by an appropriate court.


"These trusts - whether pure trusts or partnership - are unincorporated. They are not organized under any statute; and they derive no power, benefit, or privilege from any statute."
Hecht v. Malley, 68 L ed 949

A Pure Trust is not subject to legislative control. The Court holds that the Trust is...not subject to legislative restriction as are corporations and other statutory entities created by legislative authority."
Croker v. MacCloy, 649 US Supp 39

"A Pure Trust derives no power, benefit, or privilege from any statute."
Crocker v. Malley 264 US 144

Wealthy families and businesses have been using these trusts for tax exemption as well as protection from lawsuits, probate, and all kinds of other things for centuries.  No new changes in the laws in recent years have changed this, and it is extremely unlikely to change in the future either, because the elite who ultimately influence the lawmaking use these very same entities themselves.  They won't "shoot themselves in the foot".

Sovereign trusts are not "offshore" trusts in the usual sense of the word, although they can be operated anywhere in the world.  The one thing defining them is that they are not "statutory" entities (like so-called "living" trusts) deriving their legitimacy and permission to exist from some government.  They are sovereign, deriving their authority from the universal and unlimited private right to voluntarily enter into contract. 

The trust contract is established by private parties, for personal purposes, is not registered with the state corporation commissioner to comply with statutes relating to incorporating and does not invalidate the trust organization.
Hodgkiss v. Northland Petroleum Consolidated, 104 Mont 328. 67, P 2d 811



"Plan the work, to work the plan"
Vivus has been a vision that we will be materializing into a self - sustaining community. Here are a few of samples of the projects in our plan:

Financial Estimates

Ephesians 3:20 " Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,"

                                        The Nation of VIVUS
Luminary: Michael Machette VanHelsing

Flag: (image)
Territory: Extraterritorial Status, Portable Land, Virtual Embassy (documentation)
Coat of Arms: (image)








Goods: Silver Mineral Water - CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE

Spirulina Farming (documentation, presentation)
Religion: Non-denominational - CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE
Church: Temple of Light & Life (A Free Church) - CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE
Treasury/Coffer: Treasure in Heaven Trust - CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE
Currency: White Stones - Product - CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE
Government: VIVUS Trust Indenture (Common Law Trust documentation), Trustees, Clergy

Citizens: Congregation, clergy (registry, documentation), the appointed
Court: Temple of Light & Life Tribunal (documentation)
Motto: "I Shall Fear NO Evil"
Barter/Trade Items: .999 Silver CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE, Units, Notes, White Stones, Spirulina, Silver Mineral Water
Trust Corpus: .999 Silver, Notes, Deeds (documentation)
Beneficiaries: Congregation, children, the appointed (documentation)
Identification: National & Clergy IDs
Passports: N/A
Foreign Relations: Philipines (documentation)
Technology: Orgone Tech, Free Energy - CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE

Note: Documentation is provided upon request and request approval. Contact Us

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