The 'Secret Score'

We have all been forced into a game. This game is based on finance and status. 

Almost everyone knows about credit scores and how they affect our ability to obtain access to loans and credit. What most people DON'T KNOW is that there is a 'secret score'. It is a point system based on a variety of determining factors. This point system was shared with us by an anonymous bank, that chose to give us an inside look at information that is unknown to the general public. 

The truth of this matter is that there is a DEEPER meaning to all of this so we will break it down using logic and common sense. We will leave the corporate-politically correct jargon behind for a moment. Whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not you are in a game! In this game you are awarded points just like in any other game. These points are based on your life accomplishments and achievements. 

Did you know that when you turned 22 you received points for 'MAKING IT' to the age of 22? Yes, you read that right. Look at the chart. For surviving in the game and making it to adulthood, you are awarded points. Now let's look at this logically. Would we be awarded points if there were not some form of GAME in place? Right, ponder on that one for a minute.

This point system is considered BEFORE your credit score. Who's telling you that? This information is MORE IMPORTANT than the credit score because everyone needs to know that their ENTIRE LIFE is being looked at when businesses make decisions on whether or not to do business with them. The points vary for different institutions BUT they all have a set amount of points an individual must have BEFORE they even consider looking at credit. This is why people with excellent credit can still be turned down for financing. If these TWO point systems don't add up and/or don't match up, you will be turned down. This is VERY IMPORTANT for you to know. 

Team Exodus will teach you how to optimize your 'game points' and use this information in conjunction with your credit score. One major problem is that some of this data is under your control and many people are unaware of this. There are accomplishments and transactions that may not have been reported or recorded. We have the resources to help you raise your game score AND credit score which gives you more power and opportunities in the financial arena. 

Your rent, online recurring payments, Paypal income and online sales are some examples of accounts and payments that can improve your credit score and increase your game points. There are also request letters that you can send out asking the organizations you do business with to report your accounts and payments. We provide you with these letters and other tools that help you optimize your 'profile'. 

Where else have you been taught this? Where else have you seen this chart? How important do YOU THINK it is for you to know this? That is one of the differences between Exodus Enterprises and all the rest. We put that much more work into making sure you live the life you always dreamed of. We actually care about you! 



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