There’s no need to pitch the whole ‘success’/motivational mumbo jumbo to you. You either want to make money or you don’t. So we'll get straight to the point. We pay 33% commissions for all sales. 


Let’s do the numbers … (The following numbers are an example. Our package prices are subject to change)


33% of $187 is $61.71


You make $61.71 for every personal/consumer credit client.


33% of $467 is $154.11


You make $154.11 for every business credit client.


If you refer 5 leads that convert into personal/consumer credit clients in 7 days that would be $61.71 x 5.


$61.71 x 5 = $308.55

This means in one week you will have made $308.55 from just 5 consumer credit leads that become clients.


Now if you refer 5 leads that convert into business credit clients in 7 days that would be $154.11 x 5.


$154.11 x 5 = $770.55

This means in one week you will have made $770.55 from just 5 business credit leads that become clients. 

These are minimum numbers. You control your income. Whether it's 5 clients per week or 25 is entirely up to you! 

Important Note: We pay per conversion. When a lead converts to a client, we transfer 33% of the sale to you! Affiliate Agreement  and Confidentiality Agreements will be included in the Exodus Rep Package once you sign up.


 Now Let’s Get To Work!


Dress professionally and meet with local merchants who deal with financing: mortgage brokers, real estate agents, auto dealers, jewelers etc. Many mortgage and real estate professionals will require you to have a website portal before referring clients to you.


Create flyers, brochures and business cards. Give a brief description about your services and contact information. We already provide these in the Exodus Rep package. Post flyers everywhere you can. You may also want to place small ads for your services in local newspapers, church newsletters and periodicals.


Offer friends and family your credit building services for free, and then ask them for a letter of recommendation. This will quickly help to build your client base. Word of mouth is the very best kind of advertising.


You may want to consider giving credit and debt house gatherings or classes to teach people how to help themselves and refer them to our site. Give talks about ways to stay out of debt. People will go home with the information you have given them, plus your business card or brochure and tell others, who could end up as your next clients.


Advertise, and make sure to always mention our free consultation offer to get them to our website and signed up as a lead! It's not difficult to establish yourself and make money, provided you keep the interest of your client as the most important aspect of the business. Always start with someone close. Start with friends, family and colleagues. That will get the word of mouth rolling. Go out of your way to do an exceptional job! Your good work will be rewarded by word-of-mouth promotion and endless leads.


Know How To Market Yourself Online

Although there is a lot of money to be made in credit building & restoration, it is also extremely competitive. As such, you should gain the upper edge by learning how to market yourself on the Internet. Your clients are everywhere online, be it Google, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. So the bigger digital presence you establish for yourself, the more money you will make.


At the very minimum, you should have a Facebook page solely dedicated to your new position and start looking for business within your Facebook network.


Make sure to give your best effort, so those that take you up on your offer will send you more business through referrals.



· The best way to make money is by ensuring that your client is happy. Happy clients refer their friends.

· Never promise too much

· Never do anything that you even suspect may be illegal, however tempting and profitable it may seem


Networking The financial industry is big, and there is a lot of money to be made. By networking and partnering up with others in different segments of the financial industry, you can increase your bottom line and make more money.


For instance, you can network with mortgage lenders, financial advisors, accountants, real estate agents, and even car salesmen - and refer business to one another. It is a win-win since everyone is in different segments of the financial industry, so there aren't any overlapping interests.


We are the BEST! We are TEAM EXODUS!





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