Exodus Enterprises is a financial coaching organization created by a team of individuals that have dedicated themselves to helping people. We assist and educate people about finance and the options that are available for them to become financially free.​ We are a CREDIT BUILDING company, not a 'credit repair' company.


'Money problems' can negatively affect an individual's mental well-being, as well as their friendships and relationships.

25% of Americans stress about paying bills and having necessities according to a recent survey, conducted by the American Psychological Association.

Some studies show that arguments about money was the biggest reason for arguments among couples. Finances have been found to be the main cause of breakups and the strongest predictor of divorce.


Although people consider a therapist for help with managing anger, anxiety or relationship conflicts, Team Exodus also serves as a financial therapy team that can help you overcome these challenges. 

We understand that every credit situation is different. We analyze your credit reports, listen to what your goals are, access your current situation and put together a solid written plan of action customized to your specific situation and your goals. Rest assured we employ the fastest, most effective approach to credit building – it’s nice to know you can expect progress every month. Welcome to Exodus Enterprises! This is what happens when Heroes team up and start a business.


Personal Credit

What is The Difference Between EXODUS ENTERPRISES and Credit Repair companies?



  FIRST you get approved for financing to build up your credit, THEN we restore your credit!

Our main goal is to help you increase your credit scores to an excellent rating. With experts in credit building & restoration on our team, we help you build up a strong profile and address credit report errors as well. We not only attack and remove all errors reported but block them from ever reappearing on your credit file. The credit restoration process takes us an average of 90 to 120 days to complete. Credit building starts on Day ONE! You will be building credit and obtaining credit for necessities while you are waiting for the the completion of the credit restoration process.


EXODUS ENTERPRISES provides THE BEST credit services because there are few companies that focus on RIGHT NOW. We concentrate our efforts on increasing your credit score first, rather than simply repairing your credit. Credit building is based on the now while credit repair is based on the past and the future. 

There are steps that can be taken TODAY to improve your credit, credibility AND provide you with the things you need without having to wait until your credit score changes. 

Credit is a now a necessity; an essential part of life. It is important because it represents a community's belief in the financial status of the individual. Without credit, it's almost impossible to live as a first-class citizen.

Bankruptcy, Tax Liens, Collections, Judgments, Foreclosures/Short Sales, Charge-offs, Repossessions, and even late payments, can be deleted or corrected on a credit report easier using HAND-WRITTEN LETTERS! If you need help with credit restoration, WE GOT YOU COVERED! Write them yourself or have us write them for you!

Need Proof?

Shown above: The results of our credit building services. David went from 687 to  a 718 FICO score in 30-45 days!

What We Do & How We Do It


First, we listen to what your situation is and find out what your goals are during a FREE consultation session!


Next we collect  and analyze your credit report and profile, then we develop a written customized financial success strategy for you. 

During the entire process you will receive consultation from one of our CERTIFIED financial consultants. 

We then provide you with the SAME credit building strategies USED BY THE WEALTHY. We show you how to receive credit and financing IMMEDIATELY!

If applicable, the negative items on your credit reports will be located by our team. We teach you how to remove items that damage your credit score and profile. 

We provide you with the educational materials, and documents you will need to manage your credit profile. We offer legal letter writing services as well.



Credit Analysis—Plus Written Plan of Action

We access your credit reports and credit profile either online or in person.

We then provide you with a written strategy to solve your problems and achieve your financial goals.


Using this method, we are educating you and providing you with a solid plan of action that will lead you to the solutions to your problems. This service will also serve as a guide to your success. 

Total Fee is $97.77


Credit Freeze Services


Prevent Credit Bureaus from releasing your credit reports to ANYONE!


Credit Freezes are a strategic way to stop identity theft

Perfect for those who have been scammed. Your personal credit data will no longer be available. 


Slows down the debt validation process for creditors and collectors.


Total Fee is $125.97 


Payment Plan

Breakdown of fees:


$95.97 to start; after 30 days 2 monthly payments of $97.77

Credit Building & Restoration Services

We process your credit file to build your credit which increases your credit score.

We teach you how to dispute and remove negative items from your credit file. 

We provide you with consultation, ALL necessary documents & educational materials.


Pay in full - Total Fee is $294.97 

SAVE $70!



Payment Plan Activation

Pay In Full

Legal Letter Writing Services


Our professional letter writing service will easily provide you with quality legal letters.

  • Professional and Experienced writers  

  • Get to the matter fast

  • Get results

  • High quality hand written letters


For legal cases and credit cases


Total Fee is $179.97 

(Per case)


      All-In-One Services

         SUPER PACKAGE! 


    Most Popular Package! 

  • Credit Analysis -Written Plan of Action

  • Credit Freeze Services

  • Credit Building & Restoration Services

  • Letter Writing Services


We consult you and process your credit profile using ALL of our resources. Be at ease knowing Team Exodus is handling things for you!


Total Fee is $527.77 


$100 OFF!


Services Included With ALL Packages: Detailed Audit Of Your Situation & Goals Over The Phone or In Person. - 24/7 Online Access To Your File - Monthly Reminder Calls, Emails and Alerts - Customer Service 24/7 - See Results In 30-45 Days! - We Start Working On Your File From Day 1 (After we get all necessary information) - After You Sign Up We Will Call You and Help You Get Set Up 


Fill In Your Info

Get Your Free Goal Review and Strategy Session. 

When you fill out this form we will be calling your within 24 hours or the next business day.

The villains of the real world use debt and finance as their main weapons against the people. Exodus Enterprises SFG was created to part the Red Sea of debt, financial misfortune and credit. Our goal is to help set as many people free from the personal and financial enslavement caused by ‘money problems’. Our company is on a never-ending rescue mission.

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When can I get started?


Some of our clients have submitted the results they received for their: Late Payments, Collections, Charge-Offs, Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens, Inquiries, Foreclosures. We wanted to share few of these result letters with you so you can see how the credit bureaus respond and what to look for in the response. (See Below!)


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