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It may SEEM that smartphones, software and technology have taken over, but many people have forgotten the power of a good old hand-written letter.

What a Written Letter Means

When you personally write a letter by hand, it shows that the matter is serious. The time and energy you spent writing is an immediate notice to all parties that there is no third party entity involved in the transaction. For example: If you mail in a written complaint at a store, management has to consider the fact that you took time to write and then mail it back — for recognition or concern.

In the corporate realm, a hand-written letter means serious business. In many transactions, a hand-written letter is automatically an official record. If you add certifications and return receipts to it, it shows the receiver that you are serious. Include facts and references, then businesses know that you are competent and can administer your own affairs.


Where Hand-Written Letters Are Legally Powerful Today

In most transactions and disputes, a hand-written letter is still needed. Here is a small list of some common mandatory letter usages:

  • Disputing a credit card charge

  • Disputes with creditors

  • Address changes at financial institutions

  • Demand for payment to initiate claims

In this electronic age, it is especially important to actually mail in a hand-written physical documents.

For the credit restoration process, real actions cannot take place until a hand-written dispute is received. For example, if you are disputing a credit card charge, you are still liable for the charge until a written dispute is received. Once it is received, you are protected by law from paying the disputed charge until the dispute is resolved.

Firstly, creditors and financial institutions have software that can read, analyze and respond to digital dispute letters. In these cases it is not likely that an actual human read your dispute letter.

Next is the fact that when a hand-written letter is sent certified return receipt mail, an actual man or woman HAS TO receive, open and read the letter. These letters have a higher success rate than digital letters.

Think of it this way. Digital dispute letters can be internet templates from a gazillion websites and they can be generated by third party credit repair companies. Credit Repair companies experience negative results when acting as third party service providers.

Which brings us to the final point. If YOU have a dispute with any company, it should very well be YOU who contacts the other arty to whatever contract you are both bound to.

This is why, for a legal letter, it is so important that you get the mail certified and get a return receipt when mailing from the United States Postal Service. When using this option, you will pay about $4 per letter, but you will get a postcard back signed by the receiver, and it will show the name of the person receiving it along with the date received. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Lastly, let's discuss ASSETS, VALUE and EQUITY. A hand-written letter required an INVESTMENT of 'intangible assets' and 'intellectual property'. It takes, TIME, ENERGY and IDEAS as well as an autograph or signature. All of the above are assets that have value. This makes letters written by hand more powerful and valuable than any typed letter could ever be. 

Our Personal Touch

This is why we ditched our software and decided to go the hand-written route. Software generated letters are becoming a generic process that is now recognized and countered by the software used by creditors, credit bureaus and financial institutions.

We also find it more valuable to us as a team to personally talk to people, physically meet up with people and hold free seminars to educate communities. This is another main reason that led us to shifting our business model to providing hand written letter services for our clients. 

You now have the option to write these letters yourself or have us write the letters for you. We provide our custom templates and all you have to do is write the letters and mail them out. If you need our letter writing services, we write the letters and mail them out to you and send you scans via email. You will need to print, autograph or sign the letters then mail them out. 

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